Wheatgrass Juicers – what is different about them?

We all know that wheatgrass juicers are used to remove or extract juice from wheatgrass. You can easily purchase wheatgrass in different forms such as juice bars, powder concentrates, ready-to-drink juice and tablet form.

If you decide to juice the wheatgrass on your own, you must buy a wheatgrass juicer for many reasons. Never think of using your fruit juicer for wringing the wheatgrass by hand unless you want to end up with no nails and worse still, a broken juicer.

What are the benefits of purchasing a wheatgrass juicer?

Those who advocate for wheatgrass, make legitimate claims of the health benefits of using this nondescript plant. These health benefits range from improving the general well-being of a person, detoxification and even prevention of many types of cancer. Wheatgrass has been under the scope and studies revealed wheatgrass is highly beneficial to our health. It is rich in chlorophyll and other minerals contributing to potent health advantages.

Fresh Juice
You will most likely want to take fresh wheatgrass juice that you have personally squeezed rather than the ready-to-drink juices from the juice bar. You will want the assurance that you are taking the real deal instead of a commercial product that does not have all ingredients. There is also a sense of satisfaction once you make the juice yourself.

Suitable mechanism
We all know that fruit and vegetable juicers are unsuitable for juicing wheatgrass. You can use these juicers but they will not bring the desired outcome as a real wheatgrass juicer.

How should you select a suitable wheatgrass juicer?


Manual or Automatic?
There are benefits of using both manual and automatic wheatgrass juicers. The one you decide to use should suit your lifestyle. One of the less favored wheatgrass juicers is the hydraulic press. However, hydraulic juicer produces the most nutrient rich-juice than the other two. The only downside of the hydraulic juicer is cost.

Wheatgrass juicer can without a doubt become your all-purpose user. This juicer is known to juice all types of vegetables and fruits. The manual wheatgrass juicer is a perfect match for users who want a machine that is easy to clean.
Electric wheatgrass juicer, for example, Jack Lalanne models, is a bit expensive but reliable for people on the move. They come with double augers that help provide a high concentration of nutrients and juice. Electric juicers are best suited for those who want to produce wheatgrass juice in large quantities.

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