Wheat Grass Juice and its Health Benefits

Wheatgrass is one of the most amazing and most healthy foods you will ever cross around in your life. Jack LaLanne – the godfather of fitness and healthy life – he really hated processed foods, so a healthy glass of fresh juice could be the perfect option for you and to maintain a healthy body.

He was the most obsessive (in a good way) person over fitness and good feeding. A good way to help your diet is to implement wheatgrass is one of the best and most reliable sources of vitamins and minerals, and you will be able to have it in your home really easy. Take a close look at a few reasons on why you need to include it into your diet.

Number 1: Healer

Wheatgrass is one of the most effective healers thanks to all the minerals and vitamins that are contained on it, it is also rich in proteins, which is the fuel for your muscles and will help you build a more fuller and healthy muscle mass.

Number 2: Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a big source of enzymes and proteins that are found onto red blood cells, these molecules are the closest to resemble hemin, which is the pigment that will combine with your proteins to form hemoglobin. The only difference is that chlorophyll contains at the majority magnesium as his central atom. Also, this molecule contains iron.

Chlorophyll will allow you to have a lot more energy and will be the first product of light. That will allow it to transport a lot more energy than any other food element, also consuming chlorophyll will help you to stop and the development of unfriendly bacteria.


Number 3: Nutrition

Wheatgrass will provide you over more than 100 elements that our body need to survive and maintain it healthy, the most important one is, as you could see above, chlorophyll.
However this is not the only element you can find storage onto wheatgrass, you can also find: selenium, vitamin a, vitamin e , Camino-acid electrolytes like calcium and magnesium iron antioxidants like phenolic acid.

The best form to consume it is a wheatgrass shot, which is basically the grass transformed into his liquid form and you can have it in a convenient shot to increase your energy boost, also wheatgrass can be processed to be a fine powder that can be used for multiple purposes to create and add onto meals for you and any animal.
So wheatgrass, as Jack Lalanne taught us, is one of the most amazing and essential elements you need to add to your diet.

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