Tips to Keep That Green Juice Detox Safe

Removing of unhealthy compounds in our bodies naturally and cheaply is the trending topic today. We all want to limit doctor visits because of often falling ill or to get a solution for weight loss which in most cases you end swallowing pills and some cases end have a tummy tuck surgery.

The ones who want to have a glowing skin may have to apply chemicals on the skins. We all have different recipes for making detox juice but do we know how to preserve the juice and give it a longer life cycle? Bellow are different tips to preserve your juice.

Ways to Preserve Detox juice

One you can refrigerate your juice. This way in which it will stop the bacteria enzyme from growing. Bacterial enzymes are known not to grow in low temperature. Use of heavy duty juicer to extract the juice and then passed through high pressure as you are bottling hence kills bacteria that may be in the juice thus improve the juice shelf life.

Thirdly try to add citrus juice to your mixture which will help to kill the harmful bacteria in the detox juice though not all bacteria the percentage it will kill help. You can store in airtight container and fill the juice to the top to prevent oxidation that boosts bacterial growth


Excess juice made can be taken tomorrow rather than pouring it away. With the airtight container, you are able to travel with the juice everywhere you like. Not every day you have a tight schedule like on the weekend where you can make the juice for the following two busiest days of the week hence you do not miss your glass of juice. The citrus juice added to the mixture greatly helps in weight loss.



There is a loss of healthy compound in the juice and instead, a new form of bacteria may grow when stored for long. The color of the juice will gradually change so as the taste which will demoralize you from taking it. lt is recommended to drink the detox juice immediately after you have made it but at one point you may need to preserve it due to reasons like you may want to carry it to your workplace, blended more than what you required at the moment or you have a busy schedule ahead of you. But remember do not store for a long period of time because it will be toxic and dangerous for your health.

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