Tips to Keep That Green Juice Detox Safe

Removing of unhealthy compounds in our bodies naturally and cheaply is the trending topic today. We all want to limit doctor visits because of often falling ill or to get a solution for weight loss which in most cases you end swallowing pills and some cases end have a tummy tuck surgery.

The ones who want to have a glowing skin may have to apply chemicals on the skins. We all have different recipes for making detox juice but do we know how to preserve the juice and give it a longer life cycle? Bellow are different tips to preserve your juice. (more…)

Wheatgrass Juicers – what is different about them?

We all know that wheatgrass juicers are used to remove or extract juice from wheatgrass. You can easily purchase wheatgrass in different forms such as juice bars, powder concentrates, ready-to-drink juice and tablet form.

If you decide to juice the wheatgrass on your own, you must buy a wheatgrass juicer for many reasons. Never think of using your fruit juicer for wringing the wheatgrass by hand unless you want to end up with no nails and worse still, a broken juicer. (more…)