Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro & Comparison

Origin of the name

The juicer is named after the legendary Jack Lalane. With his remarkable knowledge of health and fitness, he came up with fitness industry in the year 1936. His gym in Oakland, California is the mother of the prototype of the gyms in the world today similar to his name.

He was nicknamed the “First fitness superhero” for his constant preaching health benefits of regularly working and maintain a balanced diet. Motivated people through publishing several books and is television shows ‘The Jack Lalanne Show’.
jack-lalanneIn 1950 he concentrated on women and encouraged them to join the fitness club. He invented a couple of work out machines including the pulley, leg extension machine and smith machine. He also coached the elderly and the disabled because he believed the exercises will enhance their strength. Even at his old age he still had the physique.

Unfortunately, on 23 January 2011 news was received that he died in his home succumbed to respiratory failure due to pneumonia. It was a big blow to the world considering his passion to motivate millions of people to fitness. Jack Lalanne lived as a true example of is words. As he inspired and educated the world he was consistency with his gym exercise and strict diet cutting sugar and junkie food.

As he marketed the exercising machine he also came up with 2 electrical juicers namely Juice Tiger and Jack Lalanne’s power juicer he demonstrated in his how and came up with the phrase ” That’s the power of the juice”.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

The machine is an example of a centrifugal juicer. It has been on the market since 2002 and several pieces have been sold since the machine is known to be of high quality there for it has become very popular in the market.

Why should you go for this juicer?

Built an extra-large feeder that able to accommodate peeled fruits in whole, has a motor that is super quiet compared to other centrifugal juicers, it does not drip out the juice since it is designed to direct all the juice in a glass and has large pulp collector that is removable when you want to empty the collector.


The Lalanne juicer has a quiet motor like that of a masticating juice yet it is a centrifugal juicer and these categories of machines are always expect to be loud. Therefore the user of this machine will be very comfortable since it is environmentally friendly. The machine has grabbed its popularity in the market space because of it being cheap and affordable yet it has some features like that of masticating juicer.

The manufacturer claims the machine will deliver up to 30% juice than other juicers in the same category which the machines squeezes more from the pulp so the pulp been disposed of is much drier and less juice is wasted. The extra-large feeder allows you to fit more product in the whole thou peeled to extract the juice.

Therefore it is up to you to be creative with your juicer recipes. Just like any other juicer in the same group of the Lalanne juicer, it extracts the juice faster due high spin of the stainless steel cutting blades. You are able to produce more juice and the awesome part is that you do not have to have to empty the pulp collector often since it extra-large built for collecting more pulp.

The power machine is long-lasting and trusted because of its stainless steel blades that are tough enough and able to stand the high spinning at the same time chops the fruits and vegetables. The spout is designed not to drip the juice and instead drain all the juice in the glass, therefore, you are able to produce the juice in a clean, neat area that has no juice spilling all over the place.

jck lalanne


Just like any other centrifugal designed machine, it is difficult to use when extracting juice from a leafy vegetable. The machine is difficult to assemble as a beginner but once you get to understand it then you are able to use it comfortably, but due to many moving parts it is difficult to clean it since you need to disassemble the parts and it is hectic, so as not to miss any part that needs cleaning.

For those who are extracting juice for the restaurants and bars, they are discouraged from acquiring the machine since they produce much less quantity it is more of a home appliance. The extracted juice from this power has a short shelf life since it does not have high pressure used to kill the bacteria in the juice. It is recommended to immediately take it because if left too long it will spoil due to oxidation.

Jack Lalanne juicer models

There several models in the market for Power juicer maybe consider:

  • Jack Lalanne power juicer pro. This machine is the top in the market as a Lalanne model. It has a brushed stainless steel finish that is noticeable in a crowded store. Has a stainless steel mesh that filter out the pulp to have a smooth texture juice. However extracting using this machine is slower than the rest of the models but faster the masticating machine, which is good since it improves the quality of the juice.
  • Lalanne power juicer deluxe. With this model, you need to use power juicer manual first to guide you on the steps to follow which means one of the disadvantages is it is difficult to use as a beginner. The internal features with the rest of the models are the same. The difference comes in with exterior part. It has sleek steel and a black plastic finish. Has a lower price than the pro machine.
  • Power express juicer. This machine is entirely plastic finished. It cannot be trusted like the pro and deluxe yet the price is her than the two models. It can easily break.
  • Fusion juicer which is also known as the 100’Th anniversary edition. The motor is more powerful than the rest of the juicers and has a plastic finish and best-priced model. With the evidence of the power juicer pro this the best machine to acquire as a home appliance as a juice extractor. Also with the high-speed design, it will save a lot of time while producing the juice. But when it comes to choosing the model I would discourage models with the plastic finish they are likely to break easily.

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